FineArtsPhotos – Whisper 4 – Shot Comments

Long time no post, sorry, but I have been working on a couple other things mainly a book of a collection of my old writings and haven’t used much of my time to find pictures of pretty babes.

Although, this is one here I have had in the queue to be done for a couple of weeks now.

Here we have another of the beautifully captured models by the FineArtsPhotos of Deviantart, one of the photographers who doesn’t focus on too much of the fancy lightings, or editing elements just beauty of the subjects.

This is one of the models often used for his work, and one of the photos in their series of work. I really like this photo very well, and believe that it stands out particularly nicely from the bunch. The way her butt looks so nicely formed, and how the picture is completely drawing attention to it. It’s a work of magic how she looks so effortlessly beautiful standing in the window brightly lit by the sun outside and how it shines in on her naked body.

Her gaze as she looks back is intoxicating, and the way she pushes back to curtains in such a way that is of pure whimsy as she is elegantly stretched about the frame displaying her beautiful legs. I would have to say that this is definitely one of the more perfect shots of this photographer, and definitely worth some words of appreciation.

Source Photo – Link