GSPhoto – MuseMara. – Shot Comments

An amazing capture of the beautiful body of a muse by the photographer Gsphoto. Here she is pictured so cleverly, with her face out of frame which leaves a small hint of mystery adding a small erotic element to it. The way that her legs are spread over the arms of the chair, completely exposing her labia in the centre of the shot right down to the beautiful detail of the pubis muscle streched across either ends the chair.

Her body is amazingly captured in the black and white detailing how her breast lie beautifully onto her eloquently detailed torso where the clarity of the shot accents the many lines formed by her anatomy. She looks amazing as the shining of the beam of light trails from either sides of her flexed abdominal down to the detailed weaves of the chair she is rested on.

All of the elements of this photo form a complete whole, and make this shot a truly stunning work of a majesty.

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