Caiusaugustus – Mandala”” – Shot Review

A beautiful capture that I’d come across by a seemingly splendidly skilled new photographer that I’ve never heard of before on DeviantArt, by the name of Caiusaugustus.

Here is one of the amazing shots showcasing their skill with a model who happens to be also featured in many other shots which are all equally as great and amazing to look at.

A beautiful bi-racial beauty it seems, who has amazing blonde curls and looks amazingly and perfectly toned to seamlessly blend into the colors of the background. The lighting and posing is very proper, and she looks great as the detailed lines of her anatomy are created by the bending of the light. Her eyes are enticing as she looks directly into the lens, and her pose is a perfect pull of beauty as she lies just off centre of the frame in a stance of pure allure.

Excellently executed capture, plain and simple.

Source Photo – Link