Gczman – Gg – Shot Review

A simple name for a simply beautiful shot, and as for it, this will be a simple review.

Now I don’t know if there was a name for this shot, or the photographer simply typed something in the deviation box to meet the requirement but nonetheless it’s awesome.

The shot features a beautiful model, who is brilliantly captured in a most provocative manner. The way her head is tilted into the depth of the space, creating the foreshortening and while being held by her fingertips looks amazing. It’s also nice with the one breast being exposed in a way as just to make it that much more of a sexy shot.

The grainy look of the photo coupled with the black and white desaturation give this its thrill. Aside from that the choice of the nice black dress which is just falling off of her body, which matches those deep blacks in the background makes this shot slap you in the face with its stark eye-catching detail. The background cobblestone and alleyway glory also give it a touch of rustic Europeanism as well.

Overall, this shot is an amazing piece of an amazingly captured model.

Souce Photo – Link