Kendall Jenner – Modeling

I don’t follow reality shows, nor do I follow celebs on social medias, yet I have once before talked about a member of this high media family whom I’ve respected and thought that the other sister was worth some.

Kendall seems to be the sister you probably see least in the media, with the main three being the Kardashians, and now Kylie. Yet I actually think that Kendall is the naturally the prettiest, and it would seem she’s deserving of some respect as she’s actually putting those gifts to some reputable use in her career.

Here is a picture screen shot of her from a Victoria Secret show in 2015, and she looks gorgeous. I love her natural look, and she looks stunning in this capture as is one of the most impressive ones I had found surfing.

Her slim petite look and that pretty face, devoid of plastic enhancements make her a very humble beauty whom I’m very impressed with.

Didn’t actually know that she was such an active model, but it seems like she is actually one of the sisters who is worth a follow.