Is Ariana Grande Sexy?

So, by now they’re probably many people who have heard about her by now, as she is a music performer who is quite popular on the pop scene who to my actual surprise has a very amazing voice which reminds me of a young Aguilera.

The only reason I even know that Ariana Grande exists is because of my awareness of rap music and that the Detroit rapper Big Sean was dating her at some point.

I had seen her once, and actually had some reserved opinions about the girl, as she looks even more adolescent than the normal ‘Disney-esque manufactured pop cash crops’ as she actually looks like a fourteen year older, which I guess is relatable to actual fourteen year olders, or weird old men who like the look. The latter of that which happens to be very weird, and strange especially after looking at one of her music videos where they try to make this petite little girl look somehow sexually seductive.

Now while I had initially thought she was just some peddo-bears dreamgirl, I have changed my thoughts on her after hearing her voice and acknowledged that she actually has some vocal talent and is probably deserving of her spot as many of these same types can’t sing worth a shit but somehow still sell music.

Looking at this very nice photo of her this isn’t to say that she isn’t a very pretty girl, as she is very adorable and that little ‘it’ factor where this little bit has such a soulful voice just gets you, it makes her an actual gem of the industry. But of course, as perverted as this country must be in order to be interesting, she is pushed as a sexual object and doing the such is pushing her much past her limits of her unique attraction. But this is America, and what can we expect.

She is pretty though, and she can sing. So she gets a thumbs up from me.