Gorgeous Cara Delevingne

So before her role in Suicide Squad, that I haven’t yet seen, but actually have heard was a tad lackluster, Cara Delevingne was a generally hottie getting paid to be hot and model Secret clothing and lingerie.

Here we have just one of her many models in some of the Victoria Secret line, and as always she is looking just lovely.

One of the reasons I think that she is a pure beauty is really because she pretty much is just organically gorgeous. Many models have the look of being pretty, where you’ll see them and be like ‘yeah ok. I can see why you’re a model.’ But Cara is just one of those rare beauties that you can’t quite figure out why she is just so capturing of the word. That goes along with the fact that she has personality, and isn’t just some stiff, and stale model who gets shoved a bunch of commas to show up to events half-naked.

This shot is one of the examples as you can see how that bright lighting just hits her beautiful blues, and how her intoxicating face is just shines under it. It’s a simple shot, but that doesn’t negate the fact that there’s just so much beauty packed with it. Along with that illuminating personality that’s so sexy.

In the world of models, there are just some of the fashionistas that just shine quite well above the rest.