Beautifully Naked Rihanna

In the topic of Victoria Secret and their lovely models, here is another one of a select group of photos shot by Russel James.

Now Rihanna is one of the most unique natural beauties in the lime light today, how I do love that this muse’s beauty is all of her own and not of any plastic enhancements.

It would seem that she indeed is not shy at showing off her body, and likes to be very revealing behind the lens whenever she can. In fact of latest top hit she actually shot the entire video in a clearly see-through top that clearly displayed her pierced nips.

This Barbadian goddess looks lovely here, shot in the nude covered only slightly by what looks to be some type of wax-paper, or some other type. I would have to say that under the photography of Russel James she looks more lovely that I’ve seen her. The black and white scene here and the way she is posed very much like a feline of the wild adds a very nice animal touch.

I would say that this photo provides nothing but the most natural display for an amazingly natural beauty.