Doped On Beauty

Why do we find pictures of beautiful women enticing? Is it because we are pervs? Is it because we just like to look at boobs, and butts?


But if you’re a person on this site, this is nothing like that, but yet an it’s a site of what it is to appreciate the natural beauty in the human form. Particularly the female human form.

Beauty relates to the neurotransmitter in the brain, dopamine, which transmits the urge to see beauty and also relates to the reward of it.

We like to see nude, not exactly because it’s perverted, it’s not entirely perverted but yet it’s just simple curiosity.

We are curious of the beauty of the human body hidden under the form of clothing, we want to see it uncovered and take acute detail of all of the unique nuances of the particular body which make its own beauty unique. As we are all different, and each have the things we like we thusly like to see those features in others and also it’s a joy to realize new beauties we haven’t discovered before.

To see a new nude is to witness a new discovery, and likewise it’s to reward yourself with a new beauty. It’s not just about nips, and lips, but in the neurological sense it’s to witness the discovery of a once unseen aspect of human beauty.

It’s doesn’t make you a pervert to enjoy photos of nude, or to take them yourself in an artful manner, it just makes you a curious person who enjoys the neurological satisfaction in witnessing the unique features in others!


I will talk about this more in later posts!

photo averie woodard – unsplash