Shot Review: Caroline

A capture of a beautiful unique model here. An special beauty by the name of Caroline posed in eloquence that accentuates her dazingly slender form. Here, the posing: the use of the was she’s standing with the legs slightly apart and the way the arms are almost lazily there at her sides show the focus.

Goldish-green background makes her pop as her one-piece makes those legs of hers shine against the contrast of the backdrop showing off a nice amount of muscle tone. Large black boots extend the legs to infinity, and ad the third wave of the darkness along with her long wonderfully flowing hair which just slightly matches both two colors of the palette shown here, as it’s dark and we see a slight hint of that brunette. Her expression a very meek look of either shock or awe ads a slight element of sex appeal which makes the beautiful features of the face, the lips, eyes, and brows stand out and call attention.

Overall, this is a pretty provocatively but tame and excellent shot.