Shot Review: Isabelle

A wonderful capture here.

Model name Isabelle here captured in a way as to showcase her in a glory to showcase all of the unique beauty features of this model. There is a slight amount of that autumn feel, as with that neutral gray knit sweater against the deep grey shade of the black drop gives it a beautiful smokey essence.

The beige, peachy skin of the model shines against the neutrality of the grey-tones, most likely purposely so, with good reason. A skillful photographer would rightfully make these palette decisions, and the one here has shown in recent works that they are deserving of rightful honor regarding this matter.

What really pops are Isabelle’s light brown eyes as they stare straight into yours, almost as if they stare right into your inner-most thoughts, something of a gift of her beauty. Not to be forgotten also, those freckles as they are so innocently speckled across her forehead, nose-bridge, and her soft round cheeks. There is so much highlighted here in such a specific and intentional manner here of the model that makes this photo a wonder to partake of viewing done by the skillfully organized photo taker.

A beauty indeed.