Valkyrie Love and Hotness – Tessa Thompson

So after finally seeing Thor Ragnarok on Netflix, as they added it pretty randomly and I decided to see what it was all about before it disappears, I have to say it was actually good.

I had previously thought of it as completely corny looking and cartoonish, but no, I would say that it was obviously made after a more 80’s style of action and the fighting scenes and everything else was pretty well written.

Anyway, I actually was really enamored with the character of Valkyrie, the typical BA female character who could ‘care less’ and has a damaged past, and a drinking problem.

Obviously, I had to look up the actress who is Tessa Thompson who plays the character and is pretty perplexing, she was amazing, she made me feel funny to stare at her. I think I love her, the character of her, matter-of-fact I wouldn’t mind if the actual movie was a series just so I could see it more.

Tessa Thompson is absolutely gorgeous in this movie, and it helps that I find strong women- which she is and kicks a lot of butt, also women in uniforms typically display strength to me. I find strength in any form in a woman really attractive, and this character has both strength in personality and strength in fighting ability.

I know pretty much nothing of the Thor Marvel universe, and have little concern over it but I have to say I sure wouldn’t mind seeing Tessa Thompson getting her own Valkyrie movie just staring her being amazing looking, over drinking, and destroying everybody around her.

Yep, I love her.

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